FAQ - Buying car

Do you really offer free delivery?
I live on the Isle of Wight, can I still have my car delivered for free?
Not quite. We do deliver anywhere in mainland Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) for free, but for anywhere that involves crossing water, please get in touch before placing an order. We can usually work out a way to get your car to you and offset some of the expense.
Do you resell other dealers' cars?
No, all cars we sell to the public are owned by us - we don't act as middlemen on behalf of other dealers.
What does "HPI checked" mean?
HPI Checked, or HPI Clear, has become a general term to indicate that a car has been checked to be free of finance, is not stolen, hasn't been writen-off by an insurance company and has the correct mileage. We use HPI Ltd (the company) to check all our cars before offering them for sale; other providers of this data exist, such as CDL.
Will my car have an MOT?
Absolutely! If the car is older than three years it will come with a valid MOT certificate.

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