FAQ - Settling Finance

How will you settle outstanding finance on my car?
There are currently two ways in which finance can be settled:
  • You can settle the finance yourself before we pay for your car. You would then provide to us the clearance confirmation from your finance company before we collect.
  • We settle your finance. To do this we will need a copy of an up-to-date settlement letter from your finance company.
    On collection day we will pay the balance of your outstanding finance whilst our driver is with you and provide a screenshot of the payment we have made from our corporate Santander Bank Account as proof-of-payment.
    If you are in negative equity you can choose either to pay the outstanding amount to the finance company yourself, and request a new settlement letter from them and send it to us (this should show the amount we are paying for the vehicle), or we can invoice you directly for this to send cleared funds to us on the day or before collection. We will then settle the finance in full as above.
    If you are in positive equity we will need your bank details to send you any surplus money you are due; again whilst the driver is with the car.
All finance payments must be paid directly to the finance company as it remains the legal owner of the vehicle until ALL payments have been made on your agreement.
We can also settle finance on-site at our showroom - just let us know when you would like to visit.
Depending on which finance company you are with, clearance can take between 24 and 72 hours to be obtained by our accounts department, this is normally due to the volume of cars finance companies clear on a daily basis. Most finance houses take this time to allocate the funds to your car even though they have received it straight away via the faster payment method. We will of course send you a copy of this for your records once received.

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